Confused by CUI?

Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), more commonly known among the Defense Industrial Base as “CUI,” presents today’s defense contractors with a challenging conundrum:
To even know if their business has CUI, and what of their information is or is not CUI.

In this free, downloadable guide, Gigit addresses the “CUI Conundrum” issue head-on, providing a detailed break-down of …

  • why CUI exists
  • what the various designations of information are including FCI versus CUI
  • common pitfalls businesses experience in trying to determine their information types and the possible negative consequences there of
  • how and why CUI is relevant to CMMC, and
  • expert Gigit advice for tackling The CUI Conundrum

DON’T DELAY! Download this free CUI Conundrum guide today!!