Whether you are a commercial company seeking to protect your proprietary information, a Government agency working with sensitive or classified data, or a CSP seeking compliance, our professionals can quickly assess your vulnerabilities using our proven methodologies and recommend mitigation solutions that withstand the scrutiny of DFARS, NIST, and FedRAMP compliance audits. 



What is FedRAMP?

FedRAMP stands for the “Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program.” It standardizes security assessment and authorization for cloud products and services used by U.S. federal agencies.

The goal is to make sure federal data is consistently protected at a high level in the cloud.

Getting FedRAMP authorization is serious business. The level of security required is mandated by law. There are 14 applicable laws and regulations, along with 19 standards and guidance documents. It’s one of the most rigorous software-as-a-service certifications in the world.

How Can Gigit Support Your Organization?

We have worked with clients in a range of industries including finance, manufacturing, Department of Defense federal contracting, construction, shipping & transportation, utilities, aerospace, and architecture & engineering.

  • Customized FedRAMP Training to explain the criteria your Cloud Service Offering (CSO) will need to meet in order to successfully achieve FedRAMP authorization
  • Gap assessment to determine current baseline and analysis of gaps
  • Development of FedRAMP Security Authorization Package
  • Remediation Services
  • Independent annual assessments
  • Continuous Monitoring activities
  • Scans and Penetration Testing

We follow a repeatable methodology to support our  clients.

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