It’s a war out there and your cybersecurity is under constant attack!

Every day, nefarious players are trying to gain access to your IT network through weaknesses you aren’t even aware of. These cybercriminals want to exploit your systems for any number of reasons:

  • Cash — Through ransomware, they can hold you and your operations hostage until they receive the payment they seek.
  • Penetration — Through malware, your systems can be leveraged to get further access to other, more valuable systems, your databases, and even the systems up and down your supply chain. You can become Ground Zero for a devastating cybersecurity hack!
  • Personal Data — Once a cybercriminal gets access to your customer database, they can utilize that information on the black market, compromising credit cards, generating identity theft, and potentially creating severe damage to your reputation.
  • Intellectual Property — Sometimes the most damaging effect of a cyberattack comes from the intellectual property that’s stolen from your company.

Cybersecurity attacks are on the rise!

  • In the past year, business-disrupting ransomware attacks have nearly doubled
  • Ransomware payments are now totaling around $1 billion per year
  • Over 60% of organizations may have understaffed cybersecurity teams, with a lack of talent outpacing demand
  • Over 439,000 new malware variants were detected in 2019
  • State-sponsored malware attacks, which are rarely profit-driven and tend to be politically-motivated, are on the rise, likely to increase from China, Russia, and North Korea.

So what can you do?

You can be reactive or proactive. Cybersecurity cannot be taken lightly. The best defense is a strong offense. That’s why Gigit has created its CYBERSECURITY THREAT ANALYSIS & VULNERABILITY PROTECTION PLANNING. Your a one-stop-shop, proactive solution to evaluate and provide ongoing, end-to-end cybersecurity protection for your business. Not a hardware or software, Gigit ensures that our experts have your back. Cyber Threat Analysis improves your State of Protection, assures your uptime and compliance requirements, secures your assets, protects your corporate reputation, and flags new business opportunities relative to your enhanced cybersecurity status.

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