Technology businesses can be particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks because of how easily malware can propagate and improperly protected APIs be exploited. Gigit’s recognized professionals can provide high-level security testing and vulnerability consulting services.



The simple reality is that it is not a matter of if, but when, your business is breached. Gigit’s focus is on cyberattack impact reduction with the goal of reducing the frequency of attacks and corresponding impact to your business.

As an innovative company, you daily face challenges to adapt and integrate ever-changing platforms – cloud, premise, mobile, IoT – and their associated software development operations requirements. Our experts will team with your firm to design and build cybersecurity protection into all aspects of your operations.

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Gigit’s cybersecurity compliance and security testing consultants will work with your application development and infrastructure security teams to develop and implement a comprehensive and integrated cybersecurity management system. This approach anticipates vulnerabilities in the design while recognizing that you must have a response in place when the next hacking attempt occurs.

Gigit’s management system includes repetitive testing of key doorways into your data systems and assessment of firewalls, cloud access points, and mobile device access. We will also help your firm act within any of the major information security frameworks to identify and close risk creating gaps.

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