Healthcare hackers demanded an average ransom of $4.6M in 2020, and that expense doesn’t include HIPAA fines, remediation, and possible consequences of lawsuits and settlements.



You know the challenge of building a cost-effective patient and healthcare provider system is daunting. Cybersecurity attacks not only create confusion and require internal time and cost to address, but also impact patient confidence in you and your company. Gigit focuses on preventative measures to reduce both the volume and impact of attacks. We are not HIPAA auditors. We are a HIPAA compliance assessment firm with deep knowledge of compliance requirements and the tools and testing that assure your people, systems, and processes work correctly.

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Protect Their Data and Your Business

Anticipate and prepare for cyberattacks through your:

  • Wireless infrastructure
  • Records and scheduling portals
  • IoT medical devices
  • Cloud based API integrated networks
  • Testing and improving your authentication practices


Partner Gigit’s expertise with your in-house cybersecurity specialists to design and implement recurring programs that reduce risk and help you adapt to technology and application changes.

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