Financial sector entities have unique security compliance standards they must meet. The PII and other data handled also make them extremely attractive targets for hackers. Don’t become the next high-profile and expensive cybersecurity breach scandal. Talk to Gigit’s experts today!


Financial Services

Financial data is the most desirable target for thieves, and the acceleration of mobility and wireless plus the expansion of mobile purchasing applications increases risk at a staggering pace. Gigit consultants will work with your team to create a cybersecurity program that identifies your vulnerabilities, including malware attacks, data breaches and intrusions, and internal attacks. Preventative testing programs will help your team adapt to integrate these applications. We can also provide an assessment to ensure recurring PCI compliance.

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Cybersecurity in Lockstep with Application Roll Out

PCI and Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) compliance may be mandatory in your industry depending upon your business and industry. They are just a piece of the cybersecurity operational model gigit will develop and implement with your team. Together we will create and maintain a disciplined program that adapts to changing technology and industry requirements while supporting the demand for new customer-facing applications.

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